Reentry, Recidivism and Desistance: A longitudinal study with ex- and re- prisoners


The central goal of this project is to create in-depth and contextualized knowledge of the processes of reentry, recidivism and desistance in Portuguese context. If at first we intend to understand the role of the criminal justice system on its different levels for the prisoners' reintegration; on a second moment we aim to examine the experience of reentry of ex-prisoners, with different socio-economic – class, gender, nationality/ ethnicity and age – and criminal backgrounds, on a longitudinal way, trying to understand what can bestructuring in their trajectories on re-offending – recidivism – or on giving up of the criminal path – desistance.

Sílvia Gomes

Período de execução
Fevereiro 2015 a Junho 2021

FCT - REF. SFRH/BPD/102758/2014